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Modern Warfare 2 Sub Machine Guns - VECTOR

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Fully automatic, high fire rate.

Unlocked at level 12.


Default View

VECTOR Default

Iron Sight

VECTOR Iron Sight



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Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire Increases the weapons rate of fire and recoil.

VECTOR: Marksman I - Get 10 kills with this weapon.

Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Sight The Red Dot Sight replaces the weapon's iron sight. The RDS has a much better view and a bright laser dot in the center that allows for a quick aim.

VECTOR: Marksman II - Get 25 kills with this weapon.


Silencer Makes the weapon more silent and reduces recoil. This attachment lowers the weapons range and damage over distance.

When you fire a silenced weapon, you won't show up on the mini-map.

VECTOR: Marksman III - Get 75 kills with this weapon.

ACOG Scope

ACOG Scope Replaces the weapons iron sight for a telescopic sight. This gives a nice boost to the weapons range.

VECTOR: Marksman IV - Get 150 kills with this weapon.


FMJ Full Metal Jacket bullets. Increases bullet penetration, thus allowing you to shoot through higher density cover.

This works just like the Call of Duty 4 Deep Impact perk.

VECTOR: Marksman V - Get 300 kills with this weapon.


Akimbo Allows you to wield two weapons at once, one in each hand. You can't aim down on the iron sights, which reduces your accuracy.

This attachment is extremely deadly in close range firefights.

VECTOR: Akimbo - Get 30 kills with the Rapid Fire attachment.

Holographic Sight

Holographic Sight The Holographic Sight is a little more accurate than the Red Dot Sight and the reticle is a bit different:
Holographic Sight Cross Hair

VECTOR: Holographic Sight - Get 60 kills with the Red Dot Sight.

Thermal Scope

Thermal Scope Everything is shown as grayscale. Players glow white, except for those who use the Cold-Blooded perk. You can't see through walls/cover with this scope.

The Thermal Scope also gives a small boost to your weapons range.

Thermal Scope Sight

VECTOR: Thermal Scope - Get 20 kills with the ACOG Scope.

Extended Mags

Extended Mags Increases the capacity of your weapons magazine, but it doesn't give you any extra ammunition.

VECTOR: Extended Mags - Get 40 penetration kills with the FMJ.



Desert Unlocked:
Unlocked by default.


Arctic Unlocked:
Unlocked by default.


Woodland Unlocked:
VECTOR: Expert I - Get 5 headshots with this weapon.


Digital Unlocked:
VECTOR: Expert II - Get 15 headshots with this weapon.


Urban Unlocked:
VECTOR: Expert III - Get 30 headshots with this weapon.

Blue Tiger

Blue Tiger Unlocked:
VECTOR: Expert IV - Get 75 headshots with this weapon.

Red Tiger

Red Tiger Unlocked:
VECTOR: Expert V - Get 150 headshots with this weapon.


Fall Unlocked:
VECTOR: Expert VI - Get 250 headshots with this weapon.
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