Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Accolades

Modern Warfare 2 will award players based on their performance in multiplayer games. After the action report, everyone’s accolades will be displayed on screen.

Listed below is just a small portion of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 accolades.

AFK: No kills/No deaths
Accident Prone: Most suicides
AR Specialist: Most assault rifle kills

Blindfire: Most bullet penetration kills
Bomb Blocker: Most bomb carrier kills
Bomb Expert: Most bombs planted
Boomstick: Most shotgun headshots
Buckshot: Most shotgun kills

Clutch Player: Match Winning Kill
CQB: Most SMG kills

Decimator: Killed entire enemy team without dying
Defuser: Most bombs defused
Devastation: Highest multikill
Dominator: Most points captured
Double Threat: Most kills as flag carrier

Evolver: Most classes changed
Exterminator: Most thumper kills

Flag Capturer: Most flags captured
Flag Returner: Most flags returned
Fragger: Most frag grenade kills

Genocidal: Most multikills
Grassy Knoll: Most time spent prone
Grenadier: Most grenade kills
Grudge Match: Most kills of same player

High Command: Highest average altitude
Hot Potato: Most grenades thrown back

Loaner: Most kills with enemy weapons
Lockdown: Most time spent in one place
Lock and Load: Most reloads

Marksman: Most longshots

Nomad: Longest distance travelled

Overkill: Most kills/Most headshots
Pathfinder: Most UAV's

Rescuer: Most rescues

Semtex Pro: Most semtex kills
Smoking Gun: Most pistol headshots
Sneaker: Most time spent crouched
Sniper: Most stationary kills
Sprayer: Most hipfire kills
Stunner: Most stun grenade hits
Survivalist: Most equipment kills
Switchblade: Most knife kills

Terminal: Shortest life
Top Gun: Most airstrikes

Unbreakable: Most bullets deflected
Unstoppable: Longest killstreak
Upriser: Most kills of higher rank

Vengeful: Most paybacks

Weapon Rack: Most weapon swaps

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