Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review Round-Up

Reviews are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. In short, Modern Warfare 2 is being praised for its graphics and audio, which are up to par with Uncharted 2. The single player campaign is short, but sweet, and multiplayer is stronger than ever: "It's one of the best experiences in the industry."

If you still haven't bought the game, here are the latest reviews to change your mind: 1UP - "Mixing real-world locations with bombastic set-pieces MW2 continues the guided, thrill-ride experiences of its predecessor, and adds even more depth to its multiplayer offerings. Modern Warfare 3 better be even better." (10 / 10)

Eurogamer - "Modern Warfare 2 balances the spectacle and silliness of its single-player campaign with a deep, enduring multiplayer core, carefully covering its bases for players of all persuasions." (9 / 10)

G4TV - "Intense single player campaign with great characters and shocking twists. Tons of co-op missions with high level challenge. Multiplayer polished and improved with more options and unlocks." (5 / 5)

GameSpy - "Highly entertaining single-player; intense, memorable action; new Spec Ops mode lots of fun; multiplayer improved quite a bit." - (5 / 5) Video Review: SD Version | HD Version (9.5 / 10)

IGN - "When you look at the total package, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is hands-down one of the best first-person shooters out there, and a truly amazing offering across any system. Let's hope MW3 will be even better." (9.5 / 10)

TeamXbox (Xbox 360) - "Infinity Ward has outdone itself, with some of the nicest visuals and animation of this console generation. You’ll marvel at its clean presentation and tech. The Hans Zimmer score is a wonderful enhancement to the gameplay." (9.7 / 10)

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