Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Final Perk List

The perk list for Modern Warfare 2 is finally done. When compared to Call of Duty 4, most of the perks are new or changed in several ways. Many of the old perks have new names, such as SitRep, which is pretty much a replacement for Bomb Squad, with some new additions. Bandolier, Iron Lungs and Dead Silence are obtained after upgrading a few of the base perks to Pro version. Some of these are available in Advanced Warfare as exoskeleton suit perks.

Martyrdom has actually been removed and made as a Deathstreak instead. Also some of the perks from COD4 are now weapon attachments: Deep Impact has been replaced with Full Metal Jacket bullets, Double Tap is now a Rapid Fire add-on, etc.
Modern Warfare 2 Slot 2 Perks One of the most interesting new perk in MW2 has to be One Man Army, it actually allows you to change your class in the middle of the match without needing to respawn. Of course it's been balanced out by removing your secondary weapon and making you vulnerable while you change your class.

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