Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Gamespot: MW2 Final Hands-On

Gamespot met up with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling for a final hands-on. The information is pretty much the same as before, but it's still worth the read. Alongside the single-player story and competitive multiplayer, there will be a third option in MW2's main menu: the Special Ops mode. This section offers around 25 co-op scenarios, which can be played by one or two people either locally or online. Bowling gave us an introduction to the mode, playing a level that took place at a house in a remote location.

The mission was to pick off 40 enemies in as short a time as possible. He started off with the sniper rifle--pushing the left stick in to hold his breath and then firing into the skulls of far-away assailants. He then moved into the house, planting claymore traps for enemies who chased him, and he then took out a few more enemies that were taking refuge there. He then knifed out the windows and took up a new sniper position, and he was able to spot enemies by looking out for reflections of light in sniper rifle scopes. By the time he'd finished--about five minutes later--he'd taken out all 40 people without dying, including the heavily armed Juggernauts, which appear only in the Special Ops mode and take three sniper rifle shots or more to kill.
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