Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

GameTrailers TV Modern Warfare 2 Episode

Check out the new GTTV Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 episode below. There's a lot of behind the scenes information, Special Ops and exclusive developer interviews.

More MW2 information has also been revealed by Robert Bowling:

  • The spawning system has been improved to prevent spawns in danger, in front of enemies, etc.
  • Some new videos will be released before the game ships.
  • There are single shot rifles that start with just iron sights, but there are more unlockable attachments.
  • Mines won't be featured in multiplayer.
  • Mounted MG’s still remain on certain maps.
  • Infinity Ward is working on some Xbox avatar clothes.
  • In Special Ops, there will be secret war rooms in certain missions where you can swap out/reload weapons.
  • You can't customize your multiplayer character model, because it's determined by the classes’ loadout.
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