Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Questions for Infinity Ward - Answered

One of Infinity Wards staff members was kind enough to answer some of the questions that were asked at the Infinity Ward forums early this week. Check out the questions and answer below: Will we have a new variety of maps, like one that includes snow?
I think you'll be quite pleased with the variety of map styles and locations in MW2.

How do Supply Drops work?
Supply drops are cooler than any of the speculation I've seen on these boards.

Alrighty then, do you feel that the sniping concept in the game has been expanded on greatly? (Ghillie, Sway, Attachments, Number of weapons)
I think those that enjoy sniping will find a lot to like in the game.

Do you think the game plays/feels like COD4? Or does it just feel different.
It definitely feels the same from a movement and control perspective. Beyond that, I'll say that after playing MW2 it's really hard to go back to COD4.

Do you feel that riot shields fit in comfortably? I am really worried about them :/
The riot shields are awesome. Keep in mind that all of the MP designers play a ton of different MP games and have been doing so for years. We're not designing in a vacuum here.

Can we expect to rank up at a pace similiar to CoD4? Also, are there any incentives to prestiging in the new game?
I'm confident that people who prestige won't regret doing so.
The answers were a bit short, but it's understandable, as I'm sure that the IW staff members are not allowed to go into much detail at this time.

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