Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Multiplayer Video: Flag Runner Gameplay and Analysis

Infinity Ward has finally released a new Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer video. Most of the footage was captured during the new Flag Runner gametype.

Here is a quick analysis of the new multiplayer video:

  • New gametype: Flag Runner aka Capture the Flag.
  • Riot Shields are confirmed for multiplayer.
  • New killstreaks:
    1. Airdrop (4 killstreak)
    2. Predator Missile (5 killstreak)
  • Double attachments for weapons.
  • Host Migration
    1. You won't get booted back to the game lobby if the host quits. The game automaticlly picks a new host, thus allowing everyone to continue.
  • The ability to throw knifes (Throwing Knifes)
  • New challenge: Bullseye.
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